Craft Beer Canning: The new craze in craft beer

For ages, high class beer has been in bottles. Bottles foster superior taste and keep beer cold longer. But the problem with bottles is that bottling is expensive, they are harder to recycle and harder to dispose of.

Recently, more and more craft breweries have started moving toward canning their beer. While aluminum cans may leave a metallic taste in the beer or not seem as fancy, they keep damaging light out of the beer and help it cool down faster.

Canning beer is also a lot cheaper. For small start-up breweries, this is an easy way to distribute beer while not having to spend a lot of money. It also has a draw to the outdoorsman. Cans are easy to throw into a pack while hiking and camping and they can be crushed and carried in a pack until they can be properly disposed of. It’s easier than carrying bottles and hoping they don’t break while camping, hiking or canoeing.

While many microbreweries still offer beer in bottles, the can revolution has started. We may start to see more craft brews becoming available in an aluminum can. It is no longer a stigma of cheap, bottom-shelf beer. NPR recently did a piece on this revolution. They offer even more insight into why this may be the way to go for many breweries. Keep an eye out for your favorite beer and the method in which it’s delivered.


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