Comedy news shows: a legitimate news source?

Recently, I have noticed that more and more people are getting their news from comedy news shows, especially the younger crowd. I myself am guilty. I religiously watch John Oliver’s new show, Last Week Tonight. Show’s like Oliver’s and Jon Stewart’s, The Daily Show, are very popular.

The real question, though, is are they a legitimate source for news even though they incorporate comedy? I think that they are. Oliver takes on hard hitting news topics like net neutrality and the secrets around for profit colleges, Miss America pageants and payday loans. His show is informative while still managing to be entertaining, which is the draw. Stewart tussles more with politics, but still, in my opinion, is equally informative. The Colbert Report with Steven Colbert is equally as popular, but I see Colbert as more of a satirical character and less informative.

While they are funny, both Oliver and Stewart make great points on their shows and offer good insight into problems that plague America, problems that some might not even realize are going on. I support these shows and think they are a great source for younger adults and even their elders to gather news in an entertaining and interesting way.

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