The Legend of Truckhenge — Urban Plains

A story I wrote for urban-plains.com about how one Kansas man's middle finger to authority became the weirdest roadside attraction in the Midwest — and an art installation featured on the TV show Sister Wives and several others.

Have Horse, Will Travel — Cowboys & Indians

A feature I wrote about Travis Duncan, a pay-by-day cowboy who won the WRCA World Championship Rodeo.

Mash UP: Episode 3 — Urban Plains

One of my favorite episodes of a music series I created while working at urban-plains.com. Mash UP brought two different artists together and gave them an hour to put their own twist on a cover or create an original piece of music, then we recorded it live. All four episodes in the series can be found at urban-plains.com by searching Mash UP.

The Morning Sun — Pittsburg Kansas

The official website of Pittsburg's daily newspaper, The Morning Sun, where I have worked since May 2016. An assortment of my work can be found here.

Noble Spring Dairy — Living the Country Life

Feature I wrote documenting the tale of a couple who found love through a milk allergy and a love of goats. I wrote the article while serving as an apprentice at Living the Country Life — a Meredith Corporation publication.

PDF downloads for my print stories are available below:

Apache Relay

Have Horse, Will Travel


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